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About the Farm

  We started planting fruit trees four years ago, many of the trees were about two to three years old when planted. Now that they had time to develop and grow, they are starting to produce more fruit on the trees. In the coming years they should be producing in their fullest capabilities. Last year, we started to grow vegetables and had a good turn out. This year, we expand our area in which we have planted vegetables. We hope you will come out to visit us.

Fruit Trees and Vines

Apple trees are growing bigger. I still need to replace some of the younger trees that was damage by deer. Plum are doing well, there were a lot of blossoms this year. Again need to replace some of the younger trees damaged by the deer. Lastly, the time spent last year with the grapes was well worth it, we will have plenty of grapes this year.



We put in specialty vegetables that you will not find in the grocery store. Check out the vegetable list of the variety that we planted. We included which month they should be ready for harvest. We keep the prices low because we all are hurting from this economy right now.

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